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Unlike most tropical destinations, Sri Lanka is a very big and diverse island. You have anything from urban hotspots such as its capital Colombo to mountains, forests and beaches. If I could describe it in one word, it would be WILD. It has just begun to attract the interest of adventure seekers and travellers, so there ar many areas inhabited only by animals.

The journey was exhasuting. We took two planes to get to Sri Lanka and had a five hou car ride from the Bandaranaike Airport to Hambantota. That’s over 24h of non-stop travel and if you think it ends here, you’re wrong. All of our luggages were loaded onto another plane, which meant that they were somewhere in Singapore! That put us in the following situation: spending two days in the very weather-inappropriate clothes we were wearing and the hotel bathrobes. However, it was all worth it, because our hotel was absolutely SUPERB.

Shangri-La Hambantota

We stayed at the Shangri-La Hambantota, which I consider to be the most breath-taking hotel. The luxury resort spans 58 hectares, making it the largest resort in Sri Lanka. I’ll probably do a hotel review article because I have too many pictures and details to share.

On our first day we explored the hotel grounds (yes, in our bathrobes). We could’ve never left the place, as it was huge and in the middle of nowhere, but we had to see what the island had in store for us. We couldn’t visit too much, because the distances were too big(5+ hours of driving), so we stuck to the surroundings: Unawatuna and Ella.


Unawatuna is a long beach in south-western Sri Lanka, famous for its monkey swing. The beach itself is wild and has beautiful yellow sand, however, the surrounding bars, small hotels and city are not very clean and there is a lot of litter.

Its worth a one-day visit, especially for the sunset, however I wouldn’t recommend that you book a hotel there.

Nine Arches Bridge

Deep in Ella’s forest lies the Nine Arches Bridge, the contrast between man-made and nature offering a spectacular view. The train that connects important towns in Sri Lanka passes over it, so if you’re lucky enough, you can see it crossing.

Little Adam’s Peak

Close to Nine Arches Bridge is Little Adam’s Peak – a really amazing sunset spot and you can reach it just after a 30 minute hike. The real deal is Adam’s Peak, which is at a higher altitude. Most people start the climb at night and reach the top just in time for a breathtaking sunrise, but that means that you have to seek accommodation in the surroundings for 1 night. So if you’re not up for such an adventure, the little Adam is perfect for you.

I could write more about this place, but I guess that the pictures speak for themselves. It’s definitely a destination I would visit again, as there is much more left to discover and explore!



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